Iowa State University of Science and Technology

Proposed Maps


Ground Floor

The proposed ground floor features expanded dining seating and additional space for the Visitor's Center and Veteran's Center. VIEW


First Floor

Hundreds of additional seats are spread across the proposed first floor, along with a student recreation center, ISU Printing Services, and more. VIEW


Second Floor

The proposal for the second floor includes an expansion of the Multicultural Center and student organization space. VIEW


Third Floor

The proposed third floor would feature improved and expanded Student Organization and Student Activity spaces. VIEW


Fourth Floor

The hotel rooms on the fourth floor may be repurposed for spaces like Study Abroad and International Students & Scholars. VIEW


Fifth Floor

The proposed fifth floor will house many meeting rooms and offices, including Event Management and University Lectures. VIEW


Sixth Floor

A renovated sixth floor may include the Staff Lounge, Administrative Offices, and Student Legal Services. VIEW

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