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Referendum Question

Student body growth in recent years, as well as a demand for additional services and space, have demonstrated the need for renovating and expanding ISU's 88-year-old Memorial Union. An increased student fee would be required to fund part of the project, which would:

  • increase dining seating

  • expand student organization collaboration space

  • add additional study space

  • create additional space for the Multicultural Center and the Veterans Center

  • upgrade and improve the building's infrastructure and accessibility

If approved, the student fee will increase in two phases over two years by a total of $72. The first phase of the fee increase of $30 per semester would be implemented for the fall 2018 semester, and the second phase of an additional $42 per semester would be implemented for the fall 2019 semester.

Do you support a student fee increase that will fund part of the renovation and expansion of ISU's Memorial Union?

How To Vote

Students will have the opportunity to vote on this referendum during the Student Government General Elections that will be held on March 7-8. Students will receive an email with a link to a Qualtrics form where they will be able to submit their vote.


For questions about the election process, please refer to the Student Government Elections website, or contact Student Government. For questions regarding this specific referendum, the MU renovation, or the proposed student fee increase, please fill out our Feedback Form.

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