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Construction Timeline and Costs

To insure that the Memorial Union can remain open during the renovation and still allow students to utilize all of its services, the renovation would be executed in five phases over the course of 36 to 45 months. Because of the project phasing, all of the MU's services will be able to remain in the building and students will have continued access. The construction timeline, phases, and the costs associated with each phase are laid out below. The timeline is based on the Phasing Schedule included in the final Feasibility Study report.

Phase One Construction (12 months)

  • Floors 4-6 will be repurposed from hotel rooms to office space.

  • Floor 6 will consist of the MU Director's suite, the MU administrative offices, and Student Legal Services

  • Floor 5 will consist of the Event Management Office, ISU Catering, and the University Lectures office

  • Floor 4 will consist of the International Students and Scholars Office (ISSO) and the Study Abroad Center

  • A 24,000 square foot addition will be constructed on the northeast side of the building that will provide additional space for the Multicultural Student Affairs office, the Veterans Center, and ISU Printing Services, and will provide an improved student experience early in the project.

Phase Two Construction (8 months)

  • The third floor will be renovated to improve and expand space dedicated for the growing number of student organizations

  • The main third floor corridor will be widened to create shared collaboration space to allow for more student ownership of the third floor

  • The Student Activities Center and the Office of Greek Affairs will be relocated to the third floor

  • Small meeting rooms would be updated and relocated to the west side of the building.

  • The Multicultural Center would be expanded to increase work and activity space.

Phase Three Construction (12 months)

  • The first floor will be renovated to significantly expand dining seating.

  • A student recreation area will be added that will include billiards tables and other activities

Phase Four Construction (8 months)

  • The ground floor renovation will allow growth of the Soults Family Visitor Center, the expansion of the University Book Store stock room, and the relocation of The Workspace to a more public area of the building.

Phase Five Construction (5 months)

  • Renovations on the second floor will include the expansion of the Multicultural Center and the addition of more meeting room space.

  • The Main Lounge will be opened up to have better views of central campus and the Campanile

  • A new men's restroom and green room will be added

Project Cost Summary

The total cost of the Memorial Union renovation and addition will be approximately $65 million. This includes the costs associated with the following:

  • Programming and schematic design

  • Bonding expenses

  • Renovation to existing spaces

  • New construction of the northeast addition

  • Infrastructure improvements




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