The MU gets a green roof

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The MU gets a green roof

May 1, 2012

The Iowa State University Memorial Union took another step toward going green with the installment of a green roof on the second floor of the MU across from the Multicultural Center.

More than 50 students and volunteers helped with the installation of the project, which included members of the Iowa State Horticulture Club, Iowa State Landscape Club, The Green Umbrella Group and many others.

After the implementation of a green roof in May 2011 at Horticulture Hall, Iowa State University horticulture student, Miles Thompson, approached lecturer Jennifer Bousselot in the horticulture department with the idea of a green roof for the Memorial Union. The project began in September 2011, and was completed on April 13.

Scott Maas, the Memorial Union’s assistant director of hospitality services said, “Although this roof is small, the main purpose of it is to educate students, staff and the public on why green roofs are good to consider for our future, and they help to beautify our campus more.”

The benefits associated with installing a green roof include: reducing the amount of water runoff, extending the life of the roof membrane, lowering the heat island effect, reducing noise in the building, conserving energy and it adds an aesthetic touch to the rooftop. 

“The primary plants that will be growing on the roof are different varieties of sedum,” Maas said. “There may be plants added later to test how they do on a north exposed roof.”

Research by horticulture students will determine if any future plants will be added to the roof.

You can check out photos of the project, and watch a video with Kerry Dixon-Fox, project manager for Iowa State University facilities planning and management, who discusses the Iowa State Memorial Union green roof project.



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