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MU Food Court

Meet your friends in the MU for a bite to eat! We offer chicken, burritos, pizza, soup, salads, and more! You can also use your meal plan to purchase a meal bundle.  MORE


MU Market & Cafè

Need a coffee? How about a snack? Even if you just need a Band-Aid, the MU Market & Café has you covered!  MORE


Panda Express™ and Sushi by Panda™

You know you want some orange chicken! Don't worry, the line moves quickly.  MORE



You can smell the bread baking when you enter the MU! Eat fresh and guilt-free.  MORE


ISU Catering

ISU Dining is the designated caterer in the Memorial Union. The MU catering staff is a team of talented culinary professionals who will work with you to ensure your guests are treated to fabulous cuisine in an inviting atmosphere! Call 515-294-4662 to begin making your plans.  MORE


Vending Machines in the MU

Late-night studying in the MU calls for snacks and some caffeine.  MORE

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