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Marvin Adams
Date Of Death: January 13, 1965
War / Conflict: Vietnam
Year at ISU: 1940-1943, graduated in 1952 with a BS in Industrial Administration Died: West Germany
William Adams
Date Of Birth: July 14, 1947
Date Of Death: May 18, 1969
War / Conflict: Vietnam
William James Adams was born on July 14, 1947 in Cincinnati, Ohio, home base for the Proctor & Gamble Company where his father worked. Bill was half of a set...
Dennis Ahrendsen
Date Of Birth: November 23, 1946
Date Of Death: September 6, 1968
War / Conflict: Vietnam
Specialist 4th Class Dennis Lynn Ahrendsen exemplified the "All-American" young man. He was honest, loyal and true to his convictions. His passions were the farm where he was born and...
Michael Antill
Date Of Birth: June 25, 1945
Date Of Death: December 28, 1967
War / Conflict: Vietnam
Michael Evan Antill was born on June 25, 1945 in Des Moines and grew up in Huxley, Iowa. He was the older of the two boys in Carrie and Hap...
Dale Benson
Date Of Birth: March 19, 1947
Date Of Death: January 15, 1967
War / Conflict: Vietnam
Dale Earl Benson was born in Waterloo, Iowa on March 19, 1947 to Grace and Earl Benson. Grace and Earl were both enrolled members of the Meskwaki, the Sac and...
Larry Bleeker
Date Of Death: October 26, 1967
War / Conflict: Vietnam
Died: Quang Tri, Vietnam Reason: Killed in Action
Alan Boone
Date Of Birth: December 4, 1947
Date Of Death: October 19, 1971
War / Conflict: Vietnam
Alan Ransom Boone was born December 4, 1947 in Fort Meyers, Virginia, to Alex and Yvonne Boone. He spent his early years in Durham, North Carolina and when he was...
Wheeler Brooks
Date Of Death: June 20, 1971
War / Conflict: Vietnam
Died: Quang Ngai, Vietnam Reason: Killed in Action
Douglas Cain
Date Of Birth: July 21, 1944
Date Of Death: July 14, 1968
War / Conflict: Vietnam
We would like to thank Douglas Michael Cain’s brothers and sisters - Tom, Phil, Kelly and Annie - for collaborating to tell Doug’s story. Douglas Michael Cain was born on...
Roger Carr
Date Of Death: January 17, 1966
War / Conflict: Vietnam
Died: Florida
Thomas Carrington
Date Of Birth: November 10, 1948
Date Of Death: August 12, 1969
War / Conflict: Vietnam
Thomas was the son of Bob and Shirley Carrington. Tom was a smart, energetic person who loved swimming, waterskiing, fishing and working with his dad who was an electrician. A...
Roger Carroll
Date Of Birth: July 26, 1949
Date Of Death: October 30, 1969
War / Conflict: Vietnam
Roger Eugene Carroll was born July 26, 1949 in Council Bluffs, Iowa. He was the second oldest of eight children, born to John and Audrey Carroll. His brothers and sisters...
Thomas Cisler
Date Of Death: December 8, 1966
War / Conflict: Vietnam
Died: California
Jerry Clark
Date Of Birth: June 8, 1940
Date Of Death: December 15, 1965
War / Conflict: Vietnam
Jerry Prosper Clark grew up in Davenport, Iowa and was the second youngest of the four children in the Clark family. At Davenport High School, he pursued many interests –...
Richard Concannon
Date Of Death: February 15, 1971
War / Conflict: Vietnam
Died: Thua Thien, Vietnam Reason: Helicopter Crash
John Cone
Date Of Death: November 17, 1969
War / Conflict: Vietnam
Died: Teyninh, Vietnam Reason: Killed in Action
Harry Crumley
Date Of Death: January 2, 1966
War / Conflict: Vietnam
Died: Binh Dinh, Vietnam Reason: Non hostile air crash
Larry Dahms
Date Of Birth: June 6, 1947
Date Of Death: November 17, 1970
War / Conflict: Vietnam
Wrote by John Landon, who served with Larry in Mobile Construction Battalion-74. Larry Albert Dahms was Born, June 6, 1947 to Albert and Gretchen Dahms of Garwin, Iowa. He arrived...
Francis Davis
Date Of Death: June 14, 1972
War / Conflict: Vietnam
Years at ISU: 1956-1960 (Aerospace Engineering) 1969-1971 (Electrical Engineering) Francis received a B.S. in Aerospace Engineering on May 28, 1960 and received a Masters of Engineering in Electrical Engineering on...
Mark Ellsworth
Date Of Birth: January 22, 1947
Date Of Death: September 25, 1968
War / Conflict: Vietnam
Mark Allen Ellsworth was born January 22, 1947, to Marjorie and Lloyd Ellsworth in Waterloo, Iowa. He was 7 1/2 years younger than brother Jim, 17 months older than Kathy...
Thomas Ewall
Date Of Death: August 1, 1967
War / Conflict: Vietnam
Died: California
Robert Farnham
Date Of Death: January 14, 1970
War / Conflict: Vietnam
Died: South Vietnam Reason: Killed in Action
Dennis Ferguson
Date Of Death: March 20, 1966
War / Conflict: Vietnam
Died: Off Shore, Vietnam Reason: Non Hostile Helicopter Crash
Thomas Frank
Date Of Death: November 1, 1971
War / Conflict: Vietnam
Died: Off Shore, Vietnam Reason: Non hostile air crash
Galen Grethen
Date Of Birth: February 17, 1943
Date Of Death: April 16, 1966
War / Conflict: Vietnam
Galen Dean Grethen was born February 17, 1943 in Emmetsburg, Iowa, to Earl and Romola Grethen. His peers described him as likable, pleasant and quiet with a friendly smile. Growing...
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