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Let the MU give you that extra push you need to turn your goals into results. No matter what that dream is - your club's big event, getting students to your department, or even hiring the right student - you need to get your message in front of the folks who are a perfect fit. That's where the MU comes in.

When you advertise in the Memorial Union, your message can be seen by the 38,000+ weekly visitors to the MU. Whether you have some funding for your event or you're working on a shoestring budget, the MU has options to fit your plan and reach your goals.

Advertising Opportunities include:

  • Table Tent Ad on the MU Table Tents (ISU Departments: $50, Student Orgs: $25)

    • The 4-sided tents are placed on 180+ tables throughout the MU

    • Table tents include internal and external ads as well as MU event calendars

  • Marquee Ad (ISU Departments: $200, Student Orgs: $100)

    • A large digital display sign on Lincoln Way outside the MU

    • Your ad will show for 12 seconds and is guaranteed to show at least 8x per hour

  • Digital Display Ads (ISU Departments: $100, Student Orgs: Free)

    • Ads play repeatedly on all digital screens in the MU, including our new display screens in prime locations on the first floor and new screens installed next to our digital wayfinding kiosks

    • Your ad will show for 15 seconds and is guaranteed to show at least 8x per hour

  • Elevator Ads (ISU Departments: $75, Student Orgs: $35)

    • Receive premium placement of your advertisement in our elevators, used by thousands of weekly visitors to get to where they need to go in the building

    • Your ad will be placed in up to 4 main elevators located in the MU

    • Currently, the size of ad we offer are 11x17 display frames with aluminum trim

  • Table tent ad: 3 in x 1.875 in color high-res PDF, JPG or PNG, minimum text size 7 pt. 

  • Marquee ad: 10-word message about your event or service

  • Digital display ad: high-res JPG or PNG, minimal text MUST send in two formats: 1920 x 1080 and 2160 x 3840 @ 96 dpi

  • Elevator ad: 11 in x 17 in color high res PDF, JPG or PNG

  • If submitting both a table tent and digital display ad, please create two separate graphics according to the specs above (what will work on the digital display will not always show up clearly on a table tent once printed)

  • Reservations must be made and art files must be submitted two weeks prior to the week you want your ad to run. 

  • Table tent and digital display ads can be designed by the MU for an additional $25 fee. Please add an extra week for production.

  • The name of the sponsoring student organization or department must be included in the ad.

  • Student organizations must be recognized through the Student Organization Recognition Process.

  • All events advertised must have been previously authorized through the Event Authorization process.

  • Additional details can be found in the MU advertising policy.

  • Custom advertising packages are available! Email to request an estimate.

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