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Memorial Union Advertising Request

Advertise in the Memorial Union

When you advertise in the MU, your message can be seen by the 38,000+ weekly visitors to the building. 

Advertising Opportunities include:

  • Table Tent Ad on the MU Table Tents (ISU Departments: $50, Student Orgs: $25)

    • The 4-sided tents are placed on 180+ tables throughout the MU

    • Table tents include internal and external ads as well as MU event calendars

  • Marquee Ad (ISU Departments: $200, Student Orgs: $100)

    • A large digital display sign on Lincoln Way outside the MU

    • Your ad will show for 12 seconds and is guaranteed to show at least 8x per hour

  • Digital Display Ads (ISU Departments: $100, Student Orgs: Free)

    • Ads play repeatedly on all digital screens in the MU, including our new display screens in prime locations on the first floor

    • Your ad will show for 15 seconds and is guaranteed to show at least 8x per hour

  • Table tent ad: 3 inx1.875 in color high-res PDF, JPG or PNG, minimum text size 7 pt. 

  • Marquee ad: 10-word message about your event or service

  • Digital display ad: 1920x1080 px high-res JPG or PNG, minimal text

  • If submitting both a table tent and digital display ad, please create two separate graphics according to the specs above. What will work on the digital display will not always show up clearly on a table tent once printed. 

  • Reservations must be made and art files must be submitted two weeks prior to the week you want your ad to run. 

  • Table tent and digital display ads can be designed by the MU for an additional $25 fee. Please add an extra week for production.

  • The name of the sponsoring student organization or department must be included in the ad.

  • Student organizations must be recognized through the Student Organization Recognition Process.

  • All events advertised must have been previously authorized through the Event Authorization process.

  • Additional details can be found in the MU advertising policy.

  • Custom advertising packages are available! Email to request an estimate.

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 Student organizations, please drop off a green intramural to Student Activities in the MU
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