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M.J. Riggs Award - 2020 Nomination

Letitia has worked for the Memorial Union for over 17 years. During that time, the Workspace has become an institution on campus and provides a vast amount of programming all throughout the year not only for students, but for the Ames community as well. Through the Focus Grants program, she provides an opportunity for students to receive financial support in the creation and expression of their art. She also curates all of the art throughout the MU. This includes not only permanent artwork, but 2-3 exhibits that rotate every 6-8 weeks. Letitia also works to build ties between the Ames and ISU community, and is always looking for new ways to do so. She represents the Memorial Union and Iowa State at such community events as Summerfest, Crafts & Draughts, and the Ames Home and Garden Show. She also brings community organizations into the Workspace and creates crafts for students to do that showcase both entities, like the Wildlife Care Clinic, Wings of Refuge, and the Odyssey of the Mind. She may not know, but Letitia has also served as an informal mentor to so many people, students and colleagues alike. She's always willing to lend an ear when someone is seeking advice and she will often help you see different perspectives. Letitia works incredibly hard to build community in the Memorial Union and I believe her work speaks for itself. I can think of no one more deserving of the MJ Riggs Award than her.

Four Seasons Award - 2020 Nomination 

As the Leadership and Student Organizations Coordinator in the MU, I depend on contributions of campus partners to develop and implement successful leadership programming for students. Because of Dr. KP Williams and his dedication, the leadership programs put on by Student Activities and the MU have grown tremendously and been able to serve hundreds of students. The mission of the MU is to complete the college experience by developing leadership, community, and career readiness, and we are able to do just that because of KP and his contributions to leadership programs at the Union.

As a faculty member in Leadership Studies, KP goes above and beyond to take on extra projects within the Union to serve students. KP has been a huge key player in not one, not two, but three of our leadership programs. He is consistently a featured speaker for the Leaders Workshop Series facilitating interactive skill-building workshops for students, volunteers on our Iowa State Leadership Experience planning team providing expertise that’s essential to the development of this large-scale conference, and co-coordinates the Leadership ISU learning community helping students develop the capacity for practicing leadership and impacting change in our world.

KP demonstrates one of the most important qualities that a faculty member and MU campus partner can embody. He cares. He cares deeply for his work, his students, and the betterment of Iowa State University. He inspires me to take initiative, go the extra mile, and dedicate my work to helping students succeed. I am confident that without the input and efforts of KP, the leadership programs in the Union would not be as impactful or meaningful for our students as they are. I cannot think of a better person to be recognized for their above and beyond contributions to the Memorial Union than Dr. KP Williams.

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