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Making Memories with My MU

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the doors of the Memorial Union are temporarily closed, but just because we can't celebrate #MemoriesMadeatMyMU, we can still share #MemoriesMadeWithMyMU! Our staff members are still hard at work to complete the Iowa State experience by developing leadership, community, career-readiness and more - and delivering our services straight to your living room!

MU 2 You Video Series

In episode 2 of our MU 2 You video series, Ashley and Jessica interview 3 Event Management Office alumni: Rachel Robole (2018), Nicole McVey (2019), and Dana Zuber (2020). Our speakers share their experiences and skills developed from working in the event management office, their experiences in the classroom, student organizations, and the community, and advice for current students.

CyBowl & Billiards

The staff members of CyBowl & Billiards have been making some small updates to our space. You may have noticed before the closure that we got new pinsetters, lanes, and we even slapped on a fresh coat of paint. We are continuing to plan out some more updates, but in the meantime, we've been filling the bowling-pin shaped hole in our lives by watching some of our favorite trick shots! (For your viewing pleasure only - please do not try these in CyBowl :) ).

Event Management

Be on the lookout soon for some expert advice from our Event Management office! Together, this group has so much experience organizing events and weddings, and they are cooking up a cool way to share that expertise with you. Stay tuned!

Leadership & Service Center

The Leadership & Service Center has put together an extensive list of online leadership resources for you! Whether you are interested in discovering your leadership personality, watching some TED Talks, taking an online leadership workshop, or even reading a few articles online, the LSC has you covered!

MU Art Programs

Our spring 2020 Apex Student Juried Art Exhibit is now online! Check out the work by these really talented Iowa State student artists. 

MU Building Operations

Several of our staff members are actually still in the building each day, and they are taking advantage of this time by completing some deep cleaning and special projects. Last week, several folks came together to polish all the woodwork in the ballrooms with some Liquid Gold - look at that shine! They also accidentally tricked our parking ramp expert Kim: " The whole day this project was happening, I kept smelling the almond filling in those Dutch Letters pastries. I told Marybeth and Justice what I was smelling, and it turns out it was the Liquid Gold!" 

Other staff members have been busy cleaning carpets, floors, and some other much-needed projects around the building. Can't wait to show off all our hard work!

MU Marketing

Here in the MU Marketing department, we are still telling stories and sharing ideas. Visit our MU blog #MemoriesMadeatMyMU to learn more about why we do what we do, and then make sure to follow us on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter for all kinds of info, entertainment, and campus news. We will be posting Zoom backgrounds and a few games soon, so come back to check those out!

We've also been supporting our communications partners across campus to get the word out about social distancing, safety precautions, and how to stay safe. This video (that features a few of our MU student employees) is a great example of how several folks from different areas on campus worked with students to pull together an important message quickly.

The Maintenance Shop

The folks down in the M-Shop are busy rescheduling shows for the fall and working with the Student Union Board to come up with some new programming. Until we get to open the M-Shop back up, check out this 1981 recording from the M-Shop featuring Taj Mahal!

Student Organizations

There are so many updates to Student Orgs that Student Activities created an entire webpage to hold them all. Please visit to get all these latest information, including details about how to cancel your events, host virtual meetings, hold virtual office elections, and suggestions of virtual activities to do together online. 

Workspace & Art Programs

The folks in the Workspace are ready to bring their crafty happiness right to your door. Check out art-2-go!

Bisque Kits: Crafting has never been more convenient! Our kits include the bisque you choose along with 7 pods of acrylic paint and a brush. We will deliver kits to your doorstep if you live in Ames, and if not, we will figure out a pick-up time. ORDER

Follow the Workspace on Facebook and on their brand-new Instagram page for daily crafts, inspiration, and happy thoughts.

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