Iowa State Memorial Union

Mission & Values

The Mission of the Iowa State University Memorial Union is:

  • to nurture common ground,

  • enrich and sustain individual lives,

  • and remember.

We Believe:

  • That the Memorial Union is a student-centered, full partner in the educational process

  • That building community builds loyalty and social responsibility

  • That programs and facilities are a unifying force

  • That ideas and experiences are powerful ingredients in holistic development

  • That participatory decision-making builds world citizens and leaders

  • That service and convenience provides essential support to individuals reaching for long-term goals

  • That remembrance of alumni and our service personnel is an active duty

Memorial Union Values:

  • Participation, exploration, experience, service, volunteerism

  • Social interaction, collaboration, partnerships, inclusiveness, unity

  • Creativity, discovery, inventiveness, active risk-taking and problem solving

  • Celebration, kindness, friendship, romance

  • Comfort, security, heritage, tradition, memories, stories

  • Proudfoot’s classic architectural design

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