Iowa State Memorial Union

Postings & Promotions


The following regulations apply to all rooms, furniture, woodwork, windows, floors, and walls - including the parking ramp and all exterior surfaces.

  • All posting within the Memorial Union will conform to the Iowa State University Posting Policy

  • Posters, advertisements, and other display materials may be affixed only on permanent building bulletin boards

  • No tape, adhesive, tacks, or other mechanical devices may be used to attach signs to Memorial Union property

  • Posting on hallway standards is only allowed for events in the MU and only on the day of the event

  • Memorial Union staff reserve the right to relocate illegally posted signage to easels or sign standards, as appropriate

Bulletin Boards


Glass-covered, restricted bulletin boards are located at the foot of the stairs below the west revolving door. Because this is one of the few locations for public posting in the Memorial Union, the goal is to post as many items as possible in the limited space and to keep materials up to date.

  • A maximum of two copies of materials may be submitted to the Student Activities Center. Posting will be done by MU staff as quickly as possible, but no more than two weeks before events.  Flyers will be removed after the event has passed or 30 days after posting which ever date occurs first.

  • Posters and flyers from organizations associated with Iowa State University will have first priority. Materials from organizations will be considered on a space-available basis.

  • Materials of varied sizes will be posted, however very large posters may not fit. Posters over 300 square inches may be altered to fit or not posted.

  • All materials posted must be in English or accompanied by English translation

  • All materials must clearly identify the sponsor of the event or announcement

Candidates for Student Elections will be subject to advertising guidelines set out by the organizations in which they are involved. The MU will abide by these guidelines, as long as the organization communicates these guidelines to the MU staff.


The bulletin board in the ground level corridor between the office of Sorority and Fraternity Engagement (Room 0355) and Student Legal Services (Room 0367) may be used for public postings like "For Sale" or "Wanted" messages. The flyers are in the bulletin board will be cleared after 30 days of posting. Flyers can be put up with tacks only by author or turned into Student Activities Center and they will post the flyer. 


  • Decorations in the MU are generally limited to meeting rooms and ballrooms 

  • Decorations may not be attached in any way to the interior or exterior Memorial Union walls, fixtures, or property

  • Special permission needs to be granted by the Event Management Office for use of wax candles

  • Decorations should not cover windows, doors, or fire routes

All decorations must be removed by the sponsoring group at the conclusion of the event. MU Staff will dispose of any decorations remaining after the event. A minimum $100 cleaning fee may be assessed if the room or surrounding facilities requires excessive, non-routine cleaning after the event.


Solicitors, sales persons, peddlers, canvassers, or flyer distributors seeking student contact may NOT use public areas in the Memorial Union.

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