Iowa State Memorial Union

About the Renovation

As you may know, the Memorial Union has housed students on the top three levels of the facility in an effort to increase the number of housing options for students in a time of continuous campus growth at Iowa State University.  Due to changes in demand and the recent opening of Geoffroy Hall, at the conclusion of the 2018 spring semester, the Memorial Union will no longer be needed as a residential location for students. 
In anticipation of residential spaces being vacated, the Memorial Union has been working to develop a plan to address critical capital renewal needs as well as repurpose the space on the fourth through sixth floors to better serve the needs of Iowa State students.  Serving students is the number one priority of the Memorial Union.  In order to effectively serve students, we need your input!

The funding for this has been provided by students.  The Special Student Fee Advisory Committee and Student Government supported a small student activity fee increase ($15/student per semester) to address the multiple maintenance problems within the Memorial Union.  Though this fee increase doesn’t rectify all of the problems, it only addresses some very critical mechanical, electrical, and plumbing issues in the 90 year-old building.  We want to be good stewards of student dollars and ensure that you have a great experience within YOUR student union.

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