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Floors 4-6 Renovations July 2021 Update

Through the first six months of the renovations on floors 4-6, great progress has been made in revitalizing the spaces for new offices and student lounges.

All demolition of the old hotel and laundry spaces has been completed, with a few interesting finds along the way! Contractors found a small hidden space that was not on any of the original plans. They also discovered that floors between the main rooms and the closets weren't level, which was apparently common for the period when the floors were originally constructed. At that time, any extra concrete was poured into the closet instead of getting rid of it.

On floor six, all the ceilings were brought down, revealing the original ceiling. Struts are currently being installed to hold all of the mechanical equipment before the ceiling is re-insulated, which, in conjunction with the Green Living Fund, will be brought up to an R30 rating to make the area more energy efficient than it ever has been!

Floor 5 has been framed up, and electrical and mechanical piping is currently being installed.

Floor 4, much like floor 5, has been completely framed, electrical and mechanical piping is being installed, and a mock up room has been completed so that the final paint and carpet colors for the spaces can be selected.

On floor 3, all the electrical and mechanical piping has been completed, and workers are diligently trying to finish insulating pipes so that we can take down the temporary partitions in the hallway.

The progress of the renovation is coming along nicely, and we thank Iowa State students for continuing to invest in the Memorial Union for the generations of students to come!

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