Iowa State Memorial Union

Staff Directory

Director & Associate Director's Offices

Steve Winfrey


3644 Memorial Union

Kristine Heflin

Associate Director for Student Activities

East Student Office Space, Office D - Memorial Union

Brad Hill

Associate Director of Operations

3639 Memorial Union

Lana Seiler

Administrative Specialist

3644 Memorial Union

Business Services

John Lauridsen

Assistant Director of Business Services

3610B Memorial Union

Event Management Office

Seth Dohrn

Assistant Director of Hospitality Services

3630 Memorial Union

Ashley Snyder

Event Management Manager

3630 Memorial Union

Jessica Erickson

Event Coordinator - Student Organizations & Weddings

3630 Memorial Union

Huang Tan

Event Coordinator - University Departments

3630 Memorial Union


Casey Dague

Technology Manager

3615 Memorial Union

David Hannon

System Support Specialist

3615 Memorial Union

Marketing and Graphic Design Office

Kristin Erdman

Marketing Coordinator

3578 Memorial Union

Kenzie Hosch

Graphic Designer

3578 Memorial Union

Student Activities Center

Kevin Merrill

Assistant Director for Student Organizations, Leadership, and Service

East Student Office Space, Office A - Memorial Union

Brigitte Milhous

Office Coordinator

1560 Memorial Union

Maintenance Shop

Jim Brockpahler

Program Coordinator - Entertainment

East Student Office Space, Memorial Union


Letitia Kenemer

Program Coordinator, Arts & the Workspace

Student Office Space East

CyBowl & Billiards

Dustin Smothers

Entertainment Operations Coordinator

East Student Office Space, Office H - Memorial Union

MU Parking Services

Kim Hasstedt

Parking & Transportation Attendant

MU Main Desk

Memorial Union Info Desk

Laura Helmus


2559 Memorial Union

Facilities and Custodial Services Office

Mark Turner

Custodial Supervisor

2585 Memorial Union

Dave Clark

Operations Manager

2585 Memorial Union

Mario Filippelli

Facilities Maintenance Manager

0252 Memorial Union

Derek Bjelland

Custodial Services

Dale Brown

Custodial Services

Kris Cochran

Custodial Services

Paul Hase

Custodial Services

Mary Beth Ott

Custodial Services

Angela Leopold

Custodial Services

Mary Paque

Custodial Services

Eric Reed

Custodial Services

Pat Sherwood

Custodial Services

Kevin Stockman

Operational Engineer

Justin Walker

Operational Engineer

David Wiese

Operational Engineer

Tony Winkler

Operational Engineer

Justice Bradfield

Operations Manager

2585 Memorial Union

Leadership and Service

Tim Reuter

Student Organizations Resource Coordinator

East Student Office Space, Office K- Memorial Union

Erica Swanson

Leadership and Student Organizations Resource Coordinator

East Student Office Space, Office J - Memorial Union

Major Student Programs Advising

Katie Haygood

Major Programs Coordinator

East Student Office Space, Office G - Memorial Union

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