Iowa State Memorial Union

Board of Directors


The principal purpose of the Board shall be to provide advice to ISU on all policies and priorities for facility use and programming involving the Iowa State Memorial Union (hereafter referred to as “ISMU”). The Board shall also act in furtherance of the original intent, as expressed in the original Articles of Incorporation of the Iowa State Memorial Union Corporation, as follows: 

“Such purposes shall be accomplished through the erection, furnishing, maintaining and operating of a memorial building on the campus and grounds of Iowa State University in honor of the memory and service of Iowa State University men and women who have given or may give life or service for our country in its Armed Forces, and to be devoted exclusively to the social, moral, religious, literary, scientific and educational development and welfare of the students, faculty, alumni, friends and guests of Iowa State University….The aforesaid purposes shall be accomplished in such appropriate manner as the Board of Directors of the Corporation may determine, but in the main said building and equipment therein shall be used as a center for the meeting of students, faculty, alumni, friends and guests of Iowa State University for social, religious, literary, scientific and educational purposes, and for the meetings of student, faculty, alumni and other organizations devoted to such purposes or one or more of them, and in the furnishing of comforts and conveniences to such students, faculty, alumni, friends and guests of such character as may be calculated to promote and carry out the purposes aforesaid.”


The MU Board of Directors has over the last year shared insight and given direction to topics related to the MU Chapel, upgrades to the Underground equipment and facilities, and discussion of MU Life Member benefits, as well as input on budgets and financial planning for the MU.


  • Alumni (2)

  • Director - Memorial Union (1)

  • Faculty/Staff Appointee (1)

  • GPSS President (1)

  • Memorial Union (1)

  • Presidential Appointment (1)

  • Senior Vice President for Business & Finance (1)

  • Student (4)

  • Student Government - President (1)

  • Student Union Board President (1)


Senior Vice President for Student Affairs


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