Iowa State Memorial Union

Ice Dye Walk-In Craft

June 24, 2022, 2:00 PM - 8:00 PM


Move over tie-dye, there’s a new trend in town! Use a combination of dyes and ice to create a watercolor effect on a t-shirt, scarf, leggings, tote, beach sarong, or apron, or bring in your own cotton items. Fun, easy, and each one is an original! Fabric will sit in dye overnight, so you’ll need to stop back to pick up your finished piece on Saturday. 
Drop in on Fridays in June & July from 2-8pm
$10-$20 depending on the item you choose/not available to go
•    Dog Bandana $5
•    Makeup/Pencil Bag $10 Small/$12 Medium
•    Leggings, Toddler T-Shirts $12
•    Kid’s T-Shirt $14
•    Wall Tapestry, Adult T-Shirt $18
•    Sarong $20 Short/$25 Long
•    Infinity Scarf $22
•    Boho Bag $25
•    Bring in your own cotton items:
     Up to 1/2# for $10
     Up to 1# for $15
     Up to 1&1/2# for $20
     Up to 2# for $25 (Maximum per Friday)

Ice Dye Walk-In Craft at the Workspace


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