Iowa State Memorial Union




MU Food Court

Meet your friends in the MU for a bite to eat! We offer chicken, burritos, pizza, soup, salads, and more! You can also use your meal plan to purchase a meal bundle.  MORE



MU Market & Cafè

Need a coffee? How about a snack? Even if you just need a Band-Aid, the MU Market & Café has you covered!  MORE



Panda Express™

You know you want some orange chicken! Don't worry, the line moves quickly.  MORE



ISU Catering

ISU Dining is the designated caterer in the Memorial Union. The MU catering staff is a team of talented culinary professionals who will work with you to ensure your guests are treated to fabulous cuisine in an inviting atmosphere! Call 515-294-4662 to begin making your plans.  MORE



Vending Machines in the MU

Late-night studying in the MU calls for snacks and some caffeine.  MORE

Sushi Do

New to the MU - sushi, ramen bowls, boba tea and MORE


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