Earl Bisbee - 1st Sergeant

Rank: 1st Sergeant
Date Of Death: Sep 15, 1918
War / Conflict: World War I
Hometown: Los Angelos, California
Gold Star Hall - Wall Location: East Wall (by Entrance Door)


First Sergeant Earl Brunson Bisbee was the son of S.N. Bisbee. His hometown was Los Angeles, California.

Earl graduated with the class of 1913.

He joined the Marines at Seattle, Washington, in July 1917, and served with the 109th Company, 8th Regiment. They spent a year doing various assignments at different US stations. On their cruising trips they visited the Panama Canal, Quantico, Galveston, and Parris Island. Bisbee sailed for France August 12, 1918, and made first sergeant August 21. He then served with the 6th Marines, 76th Company before being killed in action on September 15, 1918 at Thiacourt, France.