Glenn Kennedy - Corporal

Rank: Corporal
Date Of Death: Nov 11, 1918
War / Conflict: World War I
Hometown: Newton, Iowa
Gold Star Hall - Wall Location: East Wall (South Panel)


Glenn Ray Kennedy was the son of Mr. H. V. Kennedy and Mrs Martha J. Kennedy. He came to Iowa State from his hometown of Newton, Iowa. He would have graduated in Animal Husbandry with the class of 1919, but instead enlisted April 28, 1918 at Newton, Iowa.

He was assigned to Company A, 358th Infantry, 90th Division at Camp Dodge, Iowa. He sailed for England on June 20, 1918.

Glenn died near Stenay, France - one of the last villages to experiecne fighting in WWI.


Mrs. H.V. Kennedy, his mother, wrote to the Iowa State College War Records sometime in 1922:

"Just received a letter from one of the boys in his company, said he was wounded by a machine gun when they were trying to clean out a machine gun nest."

In another letter, recieved by the Iowa State College President's Office on June 13, 1924, Mrs. Kennedy wrote:

"Died of wounds, Nov. 11th, 1918. Was wounded (on) the 10th, lived for about 24 hours."