Robert Wheelock - Private

Rank: Private
Date Of Birth: May 11, 1925
Date Of Death: Oct 28, 1944
War / Conflict: World War II
Gold Star Hall - Wall Location: Northwest Wall (by Entrance Door)


Year at ISU: 1946

Robert was born to Bernard Wheelock and Mary Maliet on May 11, 1925. He grew up in Zearing, Iowa.

Robert had two brothers, Paul and Carl, who were serving in Italy at the time of his death. His two other brothers, Ronald and Vincent, were at hom. He also had three sisters: Frances, Rose Mary, and Helen.

Robert graduated from Fenrald High School in 1942. His class had only six boys, who all saw service.

Robert entered service on October 9, 1943. He had been in Engineering at for at year at Iowa State College before he was drafted. He had planned on returning to Iowa State after the war to finish his degree.

Private Robert A. Wheelock was killed in action in Germany on October 28, 1944.