Russell Mathern

Date Of Death: Aug 9, 1945
War / Conflict: World War II
Hometown: Gladbrook, Iowa
Gold Star Hall - Wall Location: West Wall (by Entrance Door)


Year at ISU: 1942 - Ceramic Engineering

 Lieutenant Russell Leonard Mathern was from Gladbrook, Iowa and had a mother who lived in Waterloo, Iowa.

Russell died on Thursday, August 9, 1945 when the A-20 plane he was piloting crashed in the mountains 25 miles east of Tucson, Arizona.

He wrote the following letters to the President of the Alumni Association during his time in the service. The letters were written at the Laredo Army Air Field, Laredo, Texas.

Dated March 9, 1943:

"Dear Red,

I am enjoying my work with the Air Corps very much, but I would give a lot to come back and pay Iowa State a visit. I hope to arrange such before many more months pass. Will you send my alumni publication to my home address (Gladbrook, Iowa), I think my assignment here will be rather short. Thank you very much.

Respectfully, Russell L. Mathern" 

Dated May 5, 1943:

"Dear Red,

Received my 'Alumnus' & 'News of Iowa State,' and enjoyed both a lot. We have been having mail trouble down here, so I suggest future issues of publications sent to this address: Lt. Russell L. Mathern, Group Head Quarters, LAAF. Laredo, Texas. Haven't had time for anything but flying and eating lately so no news.

Very truly yours, Russell Mathern, '42"

His last letter was written September 21, 1943 when he sent $4.00 to renew his Alumnus subscription.