Thomas Carrington - Sergeant

Rank: Sergeant
Date Of Birth: Nov 10, 1948
Date Of Death: Aug 12, 1969
War / Conflict: Vietnam
Hometown: Storm Lake, Iowa
Gold Star Hall - Wall Location: Northeast Wall (by Entrance Door)


Thomas was the son of Bob and Shirley Carrington.

Tom was a smart, energetic person who loved swimming, waterskiing, fishing and working with his dad who was an electrician. A “late bloomer,” Tom had an uncanny ability to make everyone his friend.

Following graduation from Storm Lake High School in June 1966, Tom attended Iowa State University at Ames for two years, studying Electrical Engineering before volunteering for active military service. He received his basic and advanced individual training at Fort Lewis, Washington, and was assigned to the 1st Air Cavalry Division in Vietnam, August, 1968.

Tom was first assigned duty in Quang Tri Province, near the DMZ. Then, the entire Cavalry Division was relocated in an area near the Cambodian Border in Tay Ninh Province. His duty assignment kept Tom in that Province until the forepart of August 1969, when Tom was transferred to Quan Loi to await processing for his return to the States, August 19th. Increased enemy action curtailed this assignment and he was returned to Landing Zone Becky, where on the morning of August 12th, the enemy launched a heavy rocket, mortar and ground attack.

At approximately 5:30 a.m., Tom met his untimely death when an enemy mortar made a direct hit on the mortar section under Tom’s command, just seven days before returning home.

Tom’s advancement from Private to Sergeant during the short period Tom was in the Army, his being selected as Battalion Soldier of the Month on the battlefield, and the honors and awards bestowed on him exemplify the outstanding soldier, leader and friend he was.