Henry Paul - Captain

Rank: Captain
Date Of Birth: Apr 23, 1913
Date Of Death: Apr 3, 1945
War / Conflict: World War II
Hometown: Mahwah, New Jersey
Gold Star Hall - Wall Location: West Wall (by Entrance Door)


Year at ISU: 1941 - Mechanical Engineering

Captain Henry Clark Paul, Jr. was born in Mahwah, New Jersey on April 23, 1913 to Henry Clark Paul and Mildred Hahn.

Henry lived in Suffern, New York. He married Jean Meredith Fisk on September 7, 1940 in Suffern, New York. His wife had also graduated from Iowa State in 1941. They had two children: Douglas Clark Paul, born November 25, 1941, and Meredith Lee Paul, born November 8, 1944.

He received his commission upon graduating from Iowa State College in June, 1941 and was called to service in January 1942. Henry went from first to second lieutenant in November 1942. He made Captain in January 1944. He served with the 2943 Engineer Technical Intelligent Team and died in an automobile accident while investigating enemy weapons and equipment in Euskirchen, Germany on April 3, 1945. 

Captain Paul also knew Thomas ("Tommy") A. Sutherland, who is also from Suffern, New York and listed in the Gold Star Hall.

"Dear 'Red',

Jean Fisk Paul, wife of H. Clark Paul Jr., I.S.C. 1941, just called from Suffern N.Y. to tell that Clark had been killed on 3 April 1945. She had just gotten a telegram from the War Dept. hence the facts concerning Clark's death are not known.

Jean said the wire stated that if was some sort of an accident, possibly an explosion of his vehicle. His work was of a dangerous nature in that it was his job to learn when made enemy weapons tick. Clark was a Captain in Corps of Engineers.

My wife, Muriel V. Gitz, and I had a nice visit with Jean on Easter Sunday. At that time Clark had just left Paris to go back into action as a field soldier, and all evident point to his joining the 9th Army.

First Tommy Sutherland, and now Clark, both from Suffern, and both were two very close intimate friends. It's a hard pill to swallow. Jean asked me to take care of notifying people. Hence the letter.

I just called Jean again and she definitely said that Clark was killed in an automobile accident but didn't say where.

Please see that this information gets in the next issue of the Alumnus.

Sincerely, (Captain) George A Gitz, I.S.C. '42."