Matthew Eckerman - 2nd Lieutenant

Rank: 2nd Lieutenant
Date Of Death: Nov 1, 1918
War / Conflict: World War I
Hometown: Des Moines, Iowa
Gold Star Hall - Wall Location: East Wall (by Entrance Door)


Matthew Dale Ackerman was born to A. H. Eckerman and Lula Ackerman. 

He came to Iowa State College from his hometown Des Moines, Iowa. He would have graduated in 1918 in Mechanical Engineering but instead enlisted in Officer Training School at Fort Snelling, Minnesota in May 1917.

Matthew was commissioned Second Lieutenant upon graduation. He was then assigned to the 88th Infantry Division at Camp Dodge, Iowa. He sailed for France in August 1918. Once there he was assigned to the Intelligence Department of the 351th Infantry, 2nd Battalion.

He was killed on November 1, 1918 while doing scouting work in Alsace, perhaps by friendly fire.