By Hometown

Story City, Iowa

Henry Larson
Henry Larson - Private
Date Of Death: Oct 10, 1918
War / Conflict: World War I
Hometown: Story City, Iowa

Henry Larson was the son of Iver Larson, and grew up in Story City, Iowa. He graduated from Iowa State College in 1914, but returned in 1918 as a member...

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Donald Nibe
Donald Nibe - Captain
Date Of Death: May 29, 1944
War / Conflict: World War II
Hometown: Story City, Iowa

Captain Donald Newton Nibe was born in Jewell, Iowa on March 1, 1914. He also lived in nearby Story City. His parents were Helmer (?) J. Nibe and Christine Peterson....

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Chadwick Smith
Chadwick Smith - 1st Lieutenant
Date Of Death: Jun 15, 1953
War / Conflict: Korea
Hometown: Story City, Iowa

After learning from hometown Story City friends that Iowa State University was seeking information about Korean War veteran, Chadwick Boyd Smith, weekly phone conversations began between his stepsisters, Marilyn James...

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