Joseph Kovarik

Date Of Birth: Oct 6, 1920
Date Of Death: May 3, 1953
War / Conflict: Korea
Hometown: Ord, Nebraska
Gold Star Hall - Wall Location: Northwest Corner (by Entrance Door)


Died: Bryan, Texas

From the Ord Quiz - Thursday, May 21, 1951. Pg 3, Col 1: 

Ferrying a jet aircraft from a factory at Van Nuys, California to Bryan Air Force Base, he was unable to land at Bryan, due to weather conditions. He prepared to land at Lufkin Air Base, approximately 50 miles from Bryan. There was no information available as to the cause of the crash. Lieut. Kovarik was graduated from Ord high school in 1937. He served as a pilot and flight engineer in World War II and was discharged in 1945. He re-enlisted in 1950, and was last stationed at Bryan Air Force Base, Texas, where he was an instructor. He was graduated from the college of engineering at Iowa State University in 1949.