Mark Middlekauf - 1st Lieutenant

Rank: 1st Lieutenant
Date Of Death: Sep 15, 1918
War / Conflict: World War I
Hometown: Corvalis, Oregon
Gold Star Hall - Wall Location: West Wall (South Panel)


First Lieutenant Mark Humbert Middlekauf was born in Sioux City, earned his undergraduate degree at Oregon Agricultural College and was a graduate student at ISC in Ames. He was the son of Mr. Oscar Middlekauff. His father, DU alumni, helped Omega Tau Beta become the Oregon State Chapter in 1922. 

He enlisted in the Officer's Training School at Fort Snelling, Minnesota. He was discharged and re-enlisted in the United States School of Military Aeronautics at Ohio State University on August 15, 1917. He chose aviation and later trained at Columbus, Ohio. He also trained at stations in Canada and Egypt. He was commissioned First Lieutenant and sent to the Italian front for service.

Middlekauff was a pilot, and was killed in October 1918 while flying a plane from a staging area to the front lines in France.