Donald Arp - Lieutenant

Rank: Lieutenant
Date Of Death: Sep 7, 1944
War / Conflict: World War II
Hometown: Marion, Iowa
Gold Star Hall - Wall Location: West Wall (by Entrance Door)


Lieutenant Donald Charles Arp came to Iowa State College from his hometown Marion, Iowa. He graduated in 1938 with a degree in Mechanical Engineering and was employed at Deere and Mansur, working as an assistant plant manager in Moline, Illinois.

In October of 1941, he married Doris Swanson. Sometime in early 1941, he enlisted in the army as a second lieutenant and sent to Hamilton Field, Californa.

Soon the army sent him overseas to Nichols Field, Rigal, Philippine Islands. There, he wrote a letter to the Alumni Association on November 12, 1941:

"The army has me jumping around. Early in October, I left the states aboard a troop transport headed for the Philippine Islands. I had to send my wife back to her folks at Moline, Illinois. I am now located with ordinance troops at an aviation field near Manila. From what I've seen of the island so far I am in favor of leaving Asia for the Asiatics."

The Japanese took Donald Arp prisoner in the middle of December 1942, during the fall of the Philippines. He died aboard a Japanese transport ship which was sunk on December 7, 1944.

Donald's parents were Mr. and Mrs. Henry and Louise Arp, and his brother's name was Albert.