Hallett Conger - 2nd Lieutenant

Rank: 2nd Lieutenant
Date Of Birth: May 23, 1922
Date Of Death: Jun 29, 1944
War / Conflict: World War II
Hometown: Sac City, Iowa
Gold Star Hall - Wall Location: West Wall (by Entrance Door)


Second Lieutenant Guy Hallett Conger was born in Roulea Saskatchewan, Canada, May 23, 1922 to Guy R. Conger and LaVere Hallet. His last home address was in Sac City, Iowa.

Hallet attended Iowa State College briefly in a two-year program, but left before his would-be graduation year of 1942.

He enlisted in the Army Air Corps at the San Antonio Aviation Cadet Center on February 16, 1943. He received his commission and bombardier's wings on August 26, 1943, at Midland, Texas, and attended the 215th Combat Crew Training School in Pueblo, Colorado.

He died in a bomber crash June 29, 1944 in Colorado.