Merle Sandal - 2nd Lieutenant

Rank: 2nd Lieutenant
Date Of Birth: Mar 16, 1918
Date Of Death: Dec 7, 1942
War / Conflict: World War II
Hometown: Stanhope, Iowa
Gold Star Hall - Wall Location: West Wall (by Entrance Door)


Second Lieutenant Merle Leander Sandal was born on March 16, 1918 to Martin A. Sandal and Alice E. Nelson. He grew up in Stanhope, Iowa.

He died after 13 months of service on December 7, 1942 in French Morocco, North Africa. He was serving with the 8th Troop Carriers, 62nd Troop Carrier Group, after graduating from both basic and advanced flight schools at Goodfellow Field, San Angelo, Texas.

Merle had entered the service on November 7, 1941 in Coleman, Texas.