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Final Report of the Gold Star Hall Criteria Committee

March 6, 2004; amended March 7, 2011; November 1, 2019

General Understandings in the Matter of Refining the Criteria

  • The military and the way combat is waged have changed dramatically since World War I, World War II, Korea, and Vietnam. This affects the way criteria are applied.

  • No criteria will fit every case and, therefore, judgments must be made

  • A representative committee should review and vote upon each name submitted for inclusion in the Gold Star Hall

  • It may not be possible to trace or discover all possible eligible persons

  • Criteria that are established by the committee and approved by the MU Director will be used for all selections after November 1, 2019

Gold Star Hall Selection Committee

The selection committee may include:

  • Appropriate members of the Alumni Association

  • ISU professors of Military Science

  • ISU student (to be appointed by Student Government) in Naval Science, Military Science, or Air Force Aerospace Studies; or who has had active military service

  • Memorial Union representative(s)

  • Interested veterans 

Criteria for Inclusion in the Gold Star Hall

  • Must be a current or former ISU student who was enrolled and attended class on a full-time basis

  • Must have died during or as a direct result of a government-sponsored military operation. The cause of death was directly related to the military operation and/or occurred within the theater of operation.

  • Must have served in the Air Force, Army, Coast Guard, Navy, Marines, or Merchant Marine in an active or active reserve capacity

  • The military operation must have occurred during the official dates of a war or conflict as defined by the US Department of Defense

Other Recommendations

  • All reasonable measures will be taken to discover, solicit, or encourage submission of names for inclusion, using available Iowa State channels as well as other public media

  • Upon conclusion of their work, selection committees will retain all records of their deliberations, and submit them to University Specials Collections for long-term storage

To send a message to the Gold Star Hall staff liaison, click here.


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