Iowa State Memorial Union

2019 Ceremony

Gold Star Hall Ceremony
Monday, November 11,2019, at 3:15 p.m.
Great Hall of the Memorial Union


This important ceremony honors our Iowa State students who made the ultimate sacrifice fighting for the freedoms we enjoy. Their names are carved into the limestone walls of Gold Star Hall in the Memorial Union so that we may both remember and honor their service to our country, which merits our deep respect.

Three WWII service members and one Vietnam service member were honored during the 2019 ceremony:

John Fuller
Hometown: Cedar Falls, Iowa
Years at Iowa State & Major: 1938 - 1941, General Engineering
Military Rank and Division: Captain, Army Airborne
Death Date: 23 December 1944
Death Location: Bastogne, Belgium

Schuyler Wheeler
Hometown: Boone, Iowa
Years at Iowa State & Major: 1939 - 1941, Dairy Industry
Military Rank and Division: Army, Tech Sergeant
Death Date: 15 December 1944
Death Location: Ensdorf, Germany

Meredith Deroy Winter
Hometown: Dysart, Iowa
Years at Iowa State & Major: 1938 - 1943
Military Rank and Division: Pfc., Marines
Death Date: 28 February 1945
Death Location: Iwo Jima

Kenneth Tapscott
Hometown: Charleston, South Carolina
Years at Iowa State & Major: 1963 - 1967, Political Science
Military Rank and Division: Lieutenant, Navy
Death Date: 6 August 1970
Death Location: Song Ong Doc, South Vietnam

We shared photos, memorabilia, and the personal stories of how these Iowa State students became service members. The family and friends of our fallen heroes were in attendance so that they may see the names of their loved ones forever memorialized in Gold Star Hall. We also recognized the 75th anniversary of D-Day and the Battle of the Bulge.

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