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Alfred Hiram Agan
Date Of Birth: Jul 6, 1919
Date Of Death: Jan 20, 1951
War / Conflict: Korea
Hometown: Chariton, Iowa
Alfred Hiram Agan was born in Chariton, Iowa on July 6, 1919, to Samuel and Alda Agan. He had three older siblings, Maxine, Norma, and Donald. The whole family was...
Sidney Botts
Date Of Birth: Jan 26, 1930
Date Of Death: Oct 15, 1952
War / Conflict: Korea
Hometown: Elliot, Iowa
Sidney Jasper Botts was born on January 26, 1930 on his family’s farm near Elliott, Iowa. He was named for a grandfather and a great-grandfather and was the second child...
Carl Claus
Date Of Birth: Apr 17, 1928
Date Of Death: Jun 5, 1952
War / Conflict: Korea
Hometown: Plymouth, Iowa
Carl Jacob Claus was born on April 17, 1928 on his parent's farm, two miles south of Plymouth, Iowa. He joined an older sister, Pauline and when he was four...
Charles Collins
Date Of Birth: Sep 25, 1930
Date Of Death: May 22, 1952
War / Conflict: Korea
Hometown: Fort Dodge, Iowa
Charles Emery Collins was born September 25, 1930, three years after his parents, Violetta and Emery Collins were married in Fort Dodge, IA. The family lived for a while in...
Max Collins
Date Of Death: Jun 4, 1953
War / Conflict: Korea
Died: South Korea Reason: non hostile - crashed F-86E
Robert W. Crosley
Date Of Birth: Jun 19, 1921
Date Of Death: Apr 28, 1952
War / Conflict: Korea
Hometown: Ames, Iowa
Died: Virginia Reason: Air crash On June 19, 1921, Robert Wayne Crosley became part of the Iowa State community as he was born nearby on 113 South Russell. His parents...
Ramon Roderick Davis
Date Of Birth: Oct 12, 1924
Date Of Death: Oct 5, 1950
War / Conflict: Korea
Hometown: Ames, Iowa
Died: Suchon, North Korea Reason: MIA Captain Ramon Roderick Davis was a veteran of two wars serving in both World War II and the Korean War as a fighter pilot....
Robert Dummermuth
Date Of Birth: Nov 14, 1927
Date Of Death: Oct 10, 1951
War / Conflict: Korea
Hometown: West Union, Iowa
We would like to express our thanks to Robert’s younger sister, Janita Loftus, who wrote to us about memories of her brother. Here is Bob’s story, using mostly in Janita’s...
Charles Hopper
Date Of Birth: Mar 20, 1930
Date Of Death: Jul 17, 1953
War / Conflict: Korea
Hometown: Sioux City, Iowa
Former students are eligible for name-placement in Gold Star Hall if they graduated or attended Iowa State full time for one or more semesters, and died while in military service...
Joseph Kovarik
Date Of Birth: Oct 6, 1920
Date Of Death: May 3, 1953
War / Conflict: Korea
Hometown: Ord, Nebraska
Died: Bryan, Texas From the Ord Quiz - Thursday, May 21, 1951. Pg 3, Col 1: Ferrying a jet aircraft from a factory at Van Nuys, California to Bryan Air...
Leo Kupka
Date Of Death: Jul 19, 1952
War / Conflict: Korea
Died: Nellis AFB, Neveda
Thomas Odenbaugh
Date Of Birth: Oct 2, 1926
Date Of Death: Sep 29, 1950
War / Conflict: Korea
Hometown: Ottumwa, Iowa
Thomas Donald Odenbaugh was born on October 2, 1926 in Ottumwa, Iowa, where he grew up and graduated from high school. Things were not easy for Tom as a young...
Robert Otterson
Date Of Death: Sep 19, 1951
War / Conflict: Korea
Died: USA Reason: Auto crash
William Sharp
Date Of Birth: Jul 16, 1931
Date Of Death: Jul 6, 1953
War / Conflict: Korea
Hometown: Plover, Iowa
William Ward Sharp was born on July 16, 1931 to Ward and Hazel Sharp. His first year was lived on his Grandfather Sharp's farm 3 miles south of Plover, Iowa...
Chadwick Smith
Date Of Birth: Jun 13, 1929
Date Of Death: Jun 15, 1953
War / Conflict: Korea
Hometown: Story City, Iowa
After learning from hometown Story City friends that Iowa State University was seeking information about Korean War veteran, Chadwick Boyd Smith, weekly phone conversations began between his stepsisters, Marilyn James...
Donald Scott Wilkins
Date Of Birth: May 20, 1922
Date Of Death: Oct 5, 1950
War / Conflict: Korea
Hometown: Erie, Pennsylvania
Died: Aboard Hospital Ship Donald Scott Wilkins was born in Ames on May 20th, 1922, to Eleanor and Franklin Scott Wilkins. Growing up, he was an older brother to his...
Robert Keller
Date Of Birth: Apr 13, 1933
Date Of Death: Oct 4, 1951
War / Conflict: Korea
Hometown: Berkeley, California
Dean Fredericks
Date Of Birth: Oct 24, 1926
Date Of Death: Jul 5, 1952
War / Conflict: Korea
Hometown: Colter, Iowa
We are grateful to Dean’s sister, Ruth Hannah, for beautifully handwriting Dean’s story so it could be shared. Dean Edward Fredericks was born on October 24, 1926 to Edward and...
Robert Peterson
Date Of Birth: Sep 17, 1925
Date Of Death: Sep 13, 1951
War / Conflict: Korea
Hometown: Lake Mills, Iowa
Robert Duaine Peterson was born on September 17, 1925 in Lake Mills, Iowa. His father and mother, Wilmer and Ella, welcomed their first boy after a string of three girls....
Charles Rhinehart
Date Of Birth: Jul 6, 1928
Date Of Death: Feb 28, 1954
War / Conflict: Korea
Hometown: Brooklyn, Iowa
We are grateful to Charles’ brother, Wally, and his younger sister, Marilyn, for sharing their memories of their oldest brother – and to Keith Barnes, Charles’ best friend from college....
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