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MU Food Policy

General Guidelines

ISU Catering is the exclusive caterer for the Memorial Union and must be used for all public and departmentally sponsored events in the Memorial Union at which food is served. 

Student Organizations

ISU Student Organizations may request permission, within the guidelines below, to use other approved food vendors for their internal reoccurring meetings only. Failure to follow these guidelines may result in financial penalties and loss of room scheduling privileges. 

Meals from approved food vendors are limited to pizza, cold cut "sub" sandwiches, cookies and items provided by Panda Express, Sushi Do, Lance & Ellie's or the Memorial Union Food Court operations.

The following guidelines apply to meals: 

  • The Event Management Office must receive the request for a food service exception at least 10 business days prior to the scheduled meeting

  • A member of the Student Organization in attendance at the meeting must have a valid SafeFood 101 card

  • ISU Catering will be the only authorized provider if the requested food on the menu is plated or served buffet style, has multiple courses, or requires extended holding times at established temperatures

A student organization may apply for permission to use an approved food vendor for meal service, subject to the following conditions:

  • Use an approved food vendor from the list maintained by the Memorial Union Event Management Office

  • Notify the Event Management Office of its request to serve food at least 10 business days prior to the scheduled meeting

  • Serve food exclusively to members at a regularly reoccurring scheduled meeting

  • The food is not sold to those in attendance, either through advance payment or at-the-door payment

  • The food does not require extended holding times at established temperatures 

  • ISU Catering and MU kitchens, prep areas, holding areas, and dishes are not used to serve the food 

  • Meeting attendance cannot exceed 40

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