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Audio Visual Equipment


The Memorial Union makes available a variety of media equipment for use in the Memorial Union facilities only. Use of this equipment may be arranged through the Event Management office. All equipment is to remain within its assigned space.


Payment for the equipment must be made prior to receiving a confirmed reservation.  An intramural or university fund account is required for payment. Failure to do so will result in cancellation of future reservations for the group.

AV Technician

The MU reserves the right to require an AV technician pending the audio-visual needs of the event or program.

Durham Great Hall, Oak Room, South Ballroom, and Sun Room Requirements

Groups sponsoring events using the Durham Great Hall, Oak Room, South Ballroom, and Sun Room sound system are required to use MU staff. The MU reserves the right to require professional technical support staff at the sponsoring organization’s expense.

Outside Sound Companies

Groups that request to use an outside sound company may do so as long as the company provides all necessary equipment including microphones, speakers, and soundboards. Outside vendors may be allowed access to MU sound system with the hiring of a MU technician. 

3rd Party Equipment Responsibility

The Memorial Union is not responsible for equipment provided by 3rd party vendors for use during an event in the MU. 

Extensive AV Needs

AV Techs are required at the customer’s cost for ballroom events utilizing extensive AV needs. 


Mounted projectors are free for use by Student Organizations. If an alternative projector is requested, there will be charges equal to the University Department rental rates.

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