Iowa State Memorial Union


Reservation Information

Banner space is reserved in the Event Management Office, 3630 MU.

Requirements and Restrictions

Recognized student organizations may reserve only one banner spot at a time. 

The name and/or logo of the sponsoring organization must be included on the banner.

Banners must be fabric or heavy vinyl and have eyelets along the top with which to hang the banner.

The dimensions must fall within the following parameters:

  1. Not to exceed 27 feet wide and 5 feet tall

  2. Less than 10 feet wide and 3 feet tall

Banners that advertise commercial products, non-university organizations, or political campaigns are not permitted unless they abide by the advertising policy. 

Damage or Theft

Memorial Union is not responsible for damaged or stolen banners. 


Banners must be picked up from the Event Management Office, 3630 MU, within 2 weeks after the reservation date or it will be discarded. 

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