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Booking Status

The terms used within the Iowa State Memorial Union Event Management Office to describe the status of a reservation.

  • Confirmed – All event details have been finalized and no significant changes can occur without Event Management approval. This status is required at least 3 business days prior to the event date for meeting space and 10 business days for ballroom space in order for the event to occur.

  • Tentative – The space has been reserved within the academic year, but the reservation still needs final details, including but not limited to, room set-up, event start time, arrival time, departure time, program agenda, audio/visual needs, payment and customer confirmation.

  • Pending EAC Approval - Student organization events may require authorization from the Event Authorization Committee prior to confirming the reservation. 

  • Customer Hold – Request for space beyond one academic year.  Customer Holds are allowed up to 3 years in advance for University Departments.

  • Cancelled – A reservation that has been released by the reserving group. On a rare occasion, the Memorial Union or governing body may cancel space with immediate notice to reserving group

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