Iowa State Memorial Union

Decoration Limitations and Guidelines

a) Decorations in the Memorial Union are generally limited to meeting rooms and ballrooms. 

b) Decorations must be free standing or mounted on an easel or pipe and draping.

c) Decorations, signs, postings, or other items may not in any way be attached to interior or exterior Memorial Union public area walls, fixtures, or property. Decorations cannot be taped, glued, puttied, stapled or attached in any way to painted surfaces, stage, floor, glass, walls or furniture.  

d) The use of non-stick blue putty or tape is not permitted due to the stain left behind and damage to wall surface

e) All decorations must be removed by the sponsoring group or organization at the conclusion of the event. MU staff will dispose of any decorations remaining after the event and fees may be applied.

f) Glitter, confetti, sand, dry vegetative matter (hay, straw, alfalfa etc) and open flame candles are prohibited. Balloons are not allowed in the Great Hall of the South Ballroom. The reserving group will be held responsible for any damage to the room(s) reserved.  A fee may be assessed if the room or surrounding facilities require excessive, non-routine cleaning after the event. 

g) Decorations may not cover windows, doors, or fire routes. 

h) Unmanned Aircraft Systems including drones, model airplanes and toys are not allowed to be operated within the Memorial Union. 

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