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Glossary of Event Management Terminology

Recognized Organization

A student organization or campus organization officially recognized by the Student Activities Center, East Student Office Space, MU and recognized by the Student Organization Recognition Board.   There are three recognition tiers for student organizations (Sponsored, Affiliated and Registered). For more information about criteria for recognition tier, visit Student Organization classification may impact space privileges.


Iowa State University academic colleges or administrative units including the ISU Foundation, and ISU Alumni Association 


Any person or group requesting space independent of an Iowa State University department or recognized student organization. 

Block reservation

A series of reservations for an organization’s business meetings that take place in a routine fashion with a single day of the week and time block.


A one-time occurrence such as a speaker, dance, concert, workshop, table and booth reservation, or a series of such occurrences such as a multi-day conference that is open to the public unless specified by the reserving group.


A business or committee meeting that is a one-time occurrence.  Meetings are closed to the public unless specified by the reserving group.

Facility Usage Charges

General fee for facility usage. Recognized student organizations and campus departments are not charged a facility usage charge; however, other event related charges such as staffing, equipment, security, parking, catering, etc. may apply.

Special Event Staff

Special Event Staff may be required to assist with your event. They do not take the place of security personnel that may be required for the event by the MU Event Management Office, the Event Authorization Committee and/or Department of Public Safety. All additional staffing costs will be billed to the group hosting the event.

Shared Space

Space is reserved for more than one group. This status should be approved by the Memorial Union Event Manager and is only available for certain programming areas such as Central Campus.

Requested Diagram Draft

Change in event layout diagram that was requested by the customer

Booking Status

The terms used within the Iowa State Memorial Union Event Management Office to describe the status of a reservation.

  • Confirmed – All event details have been finalized and no significant changes can occur without Event Management approval. This status is required at least 3 business days prior to the event date for meeting space and 10 business days for ballroom space in order for the event to occur.

  • Tentative – The space has been reserved within the academic year, but the reservation still needs final details, including but not limited to, room set-up, event start time, arrival time, departure time, program agenda, audio/visual needs, payment and customer confirmation.

  • Pending EAC Approval - Student organization events may require authorization from the Event Authorization Committee prior to confirming the reservation. 

  • Customer Hold – Request for space beyond one academic year.  Customer Holds are allowed up to 3 years in advance for University Departments.

  • Cancelled – A reservation that has been released by the reserving group. On a rare occasion, the Memorial Union or governing body may cancel space with immediate notice to reserving group

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