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Reserving MU Meeting Rooms and Services

Room Reservations
  1. Room reservations for facilities in the Memorial Union may be made by filling out the online room request form. Room requests should be submitted at least three business days prior to the event date. 

  2. Normal hours of operations for event and meeting space are 7:00am-10:00pm.  Requests before or after this time frame may incur a fee and must be approved by the Event Management Office.

  3. Recognized Student Organizations may reserve meeting rooms in the MU at no charge.

  4. Recognized Organizations are limited to no more than two (2) meeting rooms per week with a four (4) hour time limit for routine weekly activities. Additional space can be requested one week in advance, pending availability and the approval of the Event Management Office. Ballroom and Terrace spaces are not eligible for reoccurring reservations.

  5. Full payment must be received prior to receiving a confirmed reservation. If payment is not received in a timely manner, the event will be cancelled unless special arrangements have been made. University departments and student groups must submit the department account or intramural to the Event Management Office prior to receiving a confirmed reservation.  Charges or fees for Recognized Student Organizations must be paid by an intramural.  Intramurals must be signed by the advisor and treasurer of the student group.  Failure to do so may result in cancellation of future reservations for the group. 

  6. Reoccurring meetings are not allowed in the ballroom spaces.

  7. Memorial Union locations may not be scheduled as rain locations for Student Organization or University Department events planned elsewhere.

Advance Reservations Procedures
  1. Iowa State University Departments, Sponsored Student Organizations and non-university groups may request for space beyond the current academic year for up to 3 years in advance.  Request for future reservations may be submitted immediately following the conclusion of the event during the current year. 

  2. Request for space beyond the current academic year will initially be recorded as a Customer Hold until the academic year of the reservation.  Coinciding requests for the same space between university organizations for future reservations will be reviewed by the Director, Associate Director, or designee.  Once a concern has been identified, all groups involved will be informed promptly and provided a date on which they can expect a decision concerning the requests. The MU Board of Directors Facility Committee may be consulted and requested to provide a recommendation as deemed necessary.  Requesting groups will receive a written confirmation of approval, denial and/or proposed alternative dates for the requested event. 

  3. Programs scheduled more than one year in advance may not be guaranteed set pricing for services including room rentals, equipment fees and staffing fees. The fee schedule is subject to change each fiscal year. 

  4. Number of requests for space may be limited based on availability or discretion of the Event Management Office

  5. Space requests for more than 3 years in advance will require approval from the MU Director, Associate Director or designee.

  6. Affiliated and Registered Student Organizations may submit request for space one semester in advance.  

    1. Fall Semester (reservations for spring semester) may begin:​​

      • The First Monday of April - Affiliated Student Organizations

      • Th​e Second Monday of April - All Registered Student Organizations and Campus Organizations

    2. Spring Semester (reservations for fall semester) may begin:

      • The First Monday of November - Affiliated Student Organizations

      • Th​e Second Monday of November - All Registered Student Organizations and Campus Organizations​

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