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Definition and Information

It is the policy of Iowa State University and the Iowa State Memorial Union to permit solicitation by recognized University organizations only. Solicitation shall be defined as any commercial, profit-making, or fund-raising activity as well as activities which involve petitioning, canvassing, campaigning, or distribution of literature. All approved solicitation activities in the Memorial Union are to be confined to reserved spaces such as the first floor booth and display tables, or meeting rooms. 

Outdoor Solicitation

Solicitation outside the Memorial Union must take place at least 100 feet away from the building's entryway. There are two locations that information can be distributed while following University policies within that 100 foot range. Groups may use the area near the fountain and the terrace area west of the building near the revolving door. Groups using these two locations need to remain at least 25 feet away from the entryway and cannot block access to the sidewalks or the entryways.

Credit Card Solicitation

Credit card application solicitation is prohibited on the Iowa State University campus and within the Memorial Union. 

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