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Tables and Booth

Reservation Information

Tables and booth can be reserved in the Event Management Office, 3630 MU. 

Time Restrictions

Groups may use a table or booth from 8am to 5pm on the day of their reservation. Groups not occupying their table or booth by 10:15 am the day of their reservation, without prior notification, must inform the Event Management Office of late occupation or they forfeit their reservation for that day. 

Reservation Limitation

Registered student and campus organizations are limited to eight (8) reservations a semester, four (4) days consecutively. 

Solicitation, Sale, and Promotion

The solicitation policies apply to the use of first floor tables near the oval staircase as well as the booth.

Selling or promotional activities of a group must remain within the confines of the table or booth. 


Tables and booth must be occupied by a representative of the reserving organization at all times during a reservation, and it is recommended that no more than three people occupy the space at one time.


All materials must be cleared from the table or booth and it’s posting area at the end of the day. 

Memorial Union is not responsible for materials left on tables or in the booth.

Summer Orientation Restriction

During Summer Orientation, tables and the booth cannot be reserved for Student Organizations, Departments, or Non-University organizations.


Cancellation of a table or the booth must be made within three (3) days of the date of the reservation. Failure to do so will count toward the group’s allotted number of days. 

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