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Space Requests

Memorial Union Room Request

Please fill out this form to request a space in the Memorial Union. Requests should be submitted at least 10 business days prior to the proposed event. Scheduled events and activities are subject to the Memorial Union Guidelines and Procedures. Do you have questions or concerns about your event? Stop by the MU Event Management Office (MU 3630), open from 8am-5pm Monday through Friday, or give us a call at at 515-294-1437 or email us at

University Outdoor Space Request

Reserve ISU outdoor space with this form and request the services needed for your event. It is preferred that requests be made at least 10 business days in advance of the proposed event. Scheduled activities and events must conform to the appropriate use of the space. View the Event Management Office Campus Reservation Map

Booth and Table Request

The table and booth locations are only available to recognized student organizations. There are multiple spaces in the MU for student organizations to market and promote their group or event. Please submit the following form to request the use of MU booth or tabling space. This form is intended only for requests; it does not guarantee the use or location availability.

Request Room on Campus

ISU Room Scheduling manages 203 general university classrooms in 39 buildings at Iowa State. General university classrooms represent 4% of the university's total campus space. There are approximately 3,500 sections scheduled into these rooms each semester. In addition to assigning rooms to meet the needs of all class sections, we assist all special event requests. We try our best to meet the needs of all our customers. To request a room on campus, call 515-294-4493 or email You may also visit their office in 200 General Services Building.

Donation Box Location Request

When your organization is looking for donations to provide to a non-profit benefactor, come to the Memorial Union for the perfect Donation Box location.

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