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Current Exhibits

Rotating exhibits are hosted in the Gallery and Pioneer Room, both located on the 3rd floor of the Memorial Union. Shows include regional artists as well as student juried exhibits. The Gallery and Pioneer Room are both used as meeting spaces, so viewing times vary between 8am and 10pm daily. Please call (515) 296-6848 for open viewing times, especially if you are making a special trip to see the exhibits.

The Multicultural Center is located on the 2nd floor of the Memorial Union.  Exhibits embrace, express, and celebrate the diverse cultures of Iowa State University and create a welcoming space for students and the community.  Hours are Monday through Thursday from 8am–11pm, Friday from 8am–5pm and Sunday from 5–11pm during the fall and spring semester.  Summer hours are Monday through Friday from 10am–5pm.

Works are for sale.  For more information contact Letitia Kenemer.


Cindy Skeie Exhibit at the Mu
April 28 - July 4 in the Pioneer Room
Cindy Skeie: All Natural...No Artificial Colors Added

From the brilliant color of flowers to comical bugs and even the complex world of fungus, Cindy Skeie will open your eyes to the intricate beauty that exists in nature. See the fascinating world of macro photography - nature up close - captured in exotic locations as well as her back yard in Des Moines. 




May 4 - July 10, 2016 in the Gallery

Roy Cacek: Light, Color, Form

Inspired by the mosaics of Italy and the geometric works of Chuck Close, Roy Cacek uses thousands of hand-painted squares utilizing up to fifty colors in each of his paintings. This technique creates a synthesis of abstraction and realism, depending on if you are up close, or view the painting from far away. His subject matter is drawn from urban settings and ranges from cityscapes and night driving to portraiture. 



Tibi Chelcea Exhibit at the Memorial Union

January-June 2016 in the Multicultural Center
Tibieriu Chelcea: Bounding Lines

Created in the tradition of illuminated manuscripts, Chelcea has handwritten the text of technical manuals and added border and letter illustrations. Bounding lines guide the justification of the text, creating constraints for its placement. This very slow process bypasses the inherent speed and precision of things electronic and new, thus transforming unknown or disregarded objects into a meditative experience.

Chelcea was born in Romania and came to the US to pursue a PHD in Computer Science.  He lives and creates artwork in Ames.




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