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Posted on January 22, 2020 at 2:22 PM by Kristin Erdman

Last week, I explained our new MU Memories Made campaign, and I mentioned that promoting community through storytelling is one of our new goals. To that end, I've been working with Memorial Union staff members to come up with our new Memories Made blog. In this space, we will be sharing some behind-the-scenes stories to show you how and why we do what we do. At a glance, the Memorial Union seems like a historic building - and it is. A closer inspection might reveal a staff that's also creating programming for students and providing services to folks wanting to host their own events in the building - and we do that too. But it takes a little more explanation to reveal why this building is the heart of the Iowa State community, how we promote student success through programming, and why we want to be the place on campus with the best customer service. So keep an eye on this space - and share your stories with us too - as we explain why it's so important to have #MemoriesMadeatMyMU. 

Take care, and we'll talk soon.

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