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What Happens When You're Open to Collaboration

Posted on February 27, 2020 at 11:31 AM by Letitia Kenemer

Collaboration is key throughout the MU and our campus, but how do you start? Think about collaboration in terms of creating community.

Recently, I was contacted by the student organization Womxn of Color about an exhibit space in the MU. Although I wasn’t in charge of that space, I met with the student spearheading the exhibit and a Multicultural Student Affairs staff member to find other ways we could support them. One of their needs was a place to make art, so we scheduled four work sessions for them at The Workspace at a discounted rate.

Since then, a new group of people have discovered The Workspace and found somewhere that making a mess is A-OK. Our student workers have been introduced to members of Womxn of Color and will be invited to their exhibit opening. One of their members signed up for an event where she will meet an NYC artist Jonathan Castro, who was a Workspace employee 15 years ago.

What happened when three people met to find a way to collaborate? Connections, opportunities, support of people of color, shared resources – all important parts of building a community.

How can you impact others by being open to collaboration?

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