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Stay Connected and Get Involved with Virtual Opportunities from My MU

Posted on 04/09/2020 at 04:42 PM by Kristin Erdman

Hey, all you cool cats and kittens!

Sure, we are stuck in our living rooms rather than together in the living room of campus (a.k.a. the MU), but that won't stop us from connecting, having fun, learning a thing or two and even coming up with the next best idea. 

This resource the MU staff has pulled together has tons of information for you to keep learning and growing!

You can...

Learn a few trick shots in bowling and in billiards.

Take a test to find out your enneagram type.

Watch our favorite TED Talks.

See our APEX art exhibit.

Take a peek at how shiny the MU looks!

See a classic M-Shop show from the '80s.

Learn how to hold your student org meetings online.

Get your very own Art-2-Go kit delivered to your door!

Check it out!

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