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Academic Alignment through Leadership Programs

Posted on May 13, 2020 at 1:36 PM by Erica Swanson

One of my favorite parts about working with leadership programs in the Memorial Union is our collaborative partnership with the Leadership Studies Program on campus. MU Student Activities and the Leadership Studies Program work very closely together to provide students with a holistic leadership development experience that combines engaging co-curricular activities with academic and theory-based learning.

The faculty members in the Leadership Studies Program are INCREDIBLE and provide a perspective that takes the MU Leadership Programs to the next level. Almost all of the leadership programs that we offer here at the Memorial Union have a representative from the Leadership Studies faculty on the planning team, so we are able to bring in an academic component to everything that we do.

By aligning our leadership programs with the academic principles of the Leadership Studies Program and the Division of Academic Affairs, we are able to provide highly interactive experiences that create opportunities for students to develop capacity for practicing leadership on campus and impacting organizational and community-based change in our world leading to success at Iowa State and after graduation.

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