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The Road to Your Dream Job Goes Thru the MU

Posted on May 13, 2020 at 1:33 PM by Ashley Snyder

Working in the Memorial Union Event Management Office not only helps students build community, but also gives them first-hand experience in the industry. The Event Management Office books roughly 14,000 reservations annually for meetings and events, signboards, portable furnishings, and so much more. Our students get hands on experience using reservation and diagramming software, in addition to developing essential skills such as effective communication, remarkable customer service, and thorough problem solving. This event management experience enables students to secure internships and full-time positions within the industry, or use the skills they have learned to pursue their own dreams.

Dana Zuber, a graduating senior from the Event Management Office, will be opening up her own event venue, The Gathering Barn, this August. She stated, “The Event Management Office has benefitted me a lot in preparing for my future career as well as gaining more knowledge on professionalism. Planning and reserving events has helped me understand all of the aspects of event planning as I go into this industry. Most of all, the Event Management Office has helped me excel in customer service and to fully understand the importance of having good customer service.”

As Dana noted, the experiences that students have while working in the Event Management Office have a lasting impact on their professional development and career choices. We are grateful for the opportunity to watch students grow and excel in their professional roles.

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